Note:  Read from the bottom upwards, updates since November 2016.

More Exciting News!  I have been using the Swiss Bionic Omnium1 PEMF Mat for over a year now and it has made a difference in my Bone Health and my Spine.


Two years ago my Doctor wanted to put me on some extremely powerful medication for Osteoporosis, but I wanted to find more natural methods if I could.


Here is my Doctor's update on April 10, 2018:

Hi Susie
Your bone density looks good. You will always have osteoporosis.  Successful treatment = not getting worse.
Your hip is stable, and your spine is improved 5% (good)
~ Susie's MD
April 10, 2018



I have some exciting good news! at my chiropractor, Dr John visit, first thing he asked me how is your mat?? I said great! I love it! I am feeling less pain and less tightness especially on my right hamstring! He says your face looks brighter, you look more balanced and as he made adjustments, he said I didn’t need many at all!! Also he says since I have known you, you have always been positive, cheery person! Since you broke your foot, I have seen it be a struggle for you to be positive! Dr. John says my Susie is back! Also he sees how much the mat has helped me and believes in it! Thank you, Love, peace, health, joy and hugs! Susie   UPDATE December 8, 2016:  Susie’s Broken Foot is 100% Healed within 3 weeks of using the Omnium1 Mat!  (There was concern because it was not healing properly, even with a “boot” on for 3 months prior to this.)  This was a true miracle.

November 23, 2016 (After Omnium1 PEMF Mat)
Whenever I have a session I feel relaxed, regenerated.  I just want to get on it all the time!! 

NOVEMBER 20, 2016 NOTE:  Susie bought and received her Swiss Bionic Omnium1 PEMF Mat

November 12, 2016  (Before Omnium1 PEMF Mat)
I have been reading about PEMF Therapy.  VERY INTERESTED!!!  I broke my right foot July 25.  Took 12 weeks to heal.  I wore a cam boot.  Xray every 4 weeks.  Finally healed, Praise the Lord!  My podiatrist wanted me to walk with my normal shoes for 3 weeks visit him again for another xray to see how doing? 
Guess what?  Xray shows the fracture wanting to refracture.  
So put the cam boot back on.  Looking into a bone stimulator.  Cost $2400.  Waiting for insurance company to agree.  If not, I need to purchase this device (the Swiss Bionic Omnium1 PEMF Mat).   
That was information I received on Friday.  Today I researched your PEMF Therapy device.  
I need to get this!!  Love in health, happiness, love and joy, Susie