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Goldie Denise PEMF Swiss Bionic Omnium1 Lifestyle Consultant

Welcome to my site on Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) ~ Not all EMFs are Negative

Low, Earth-Based PEMF Therapy is a profoundly beneficial therapy employing cutting edge, NASA proven technology that exercises, rehabilitates and re-energizes our cells, restoring optimal cell voltage and function.  When our cells are functioning optimally, the body can work on its weaknesses.


The term PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic fields, describes in modern medicine a specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for the health benefit of human beings and animals.


QUESTION:  If you were to learn of a natural, gentle, non-invasive technology that reduces inflammation, relieves pain, melts away stress & anxiety, improves blood circulation and quality of sleep, accelerates healing, prevents illness or injury, and much more ~ would you desire to bring this technology home for you, your family, and your pets?  

If YES, please stay and explore the information and videos here for you!

Over 1.5 million people worldwide have taken control of their own health with Swiss Bionic Solutions’ PEMF technology.  Become empowered to start living the quality of life you know you deserve!  For more details, check out the link below:



Swiss Bionic Solutions' Omnium1 is the most technologically advanced PEMF system on the market.  It is portable, modular, modern, intuitive, intelligent and ready for use for your whole family, even your pets and plants!


My "WHY" for bringing PEMF Therapy into my daily routine of Self Care is shared in this short video below:

Health is not everything, however, without good health it can be hard to enjoy all the other things in life! 


INSIGHTS CAN BE LIFE CHANGING (these were for me):

  1. We are ElectroMagnetic Beings (along with Chemical and Mechanical)
  2. We are Beings of Resonance and Frequency (our frequency matches that of the Earth) and we need to be in that frequency to stimulate our self healing potential
  3. There are Beneficial Frequencies and Harmful Frequencies for life on Earth
  4. We are Cellular Beings made up of more than 1 cell ~ therefore, we are like a Battery
  5. Our Cell Voltage Matters! and is affected by stress, poor diet, ElectroSmog, environmental toxins, dehydration, and lack of movement (to name a few factors)

When our cells do not have enough voltage/energy, our body cannot fully repair and restore itself.

We are increasingly exposed to high, unhealthy, non-biological frequencies called ElectroSmog from cell phones, power lines, cellphone towers, cordless phones, computers, etc.  Also, many people are not getting enough good Earth PEMF and Magnetism due to a decline in the earth's magnetic field and the trend of spending time indoors cut off from these frequencies.  Our brains, bodies and cells resonate and operate at the lower frequencies and harmonics of the Earth; these are essential to life and one of the 5 elements for health along with good air, water, food and sunlight.


"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  ~ Nikola Tesla

Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize recipient, found that due to the constant stress of modern life along with a toxic environment and the aging process, cellular voltage drops.  People with chronic illness and chronic fatigue unilaterally had a diminished cellular voltage (30-50 millivolts).  Cancer patients display the lowest voltage at less than 15-20 millivolts.

PEMF Therapy is designed to replicate the power of the Earth's geo-magnetic field to stimulate the healing potential of your body.  This charges your 75 Trillion Cells, providing more voltage to each cell.  One session keeps working at the cellular level for hours.

The Swiss Bionic Omnium1 Mat replicates the frequencies of nature, which relax you, putting you into alignment and balance with 10 minutes!

Recharge your 75 Trillion Cells in Minutes!



PEMF Therapy is not for one particular condition, which is perfect!  It can be for all conditions!


"Every activity of our cells can ONLY take place due to electrical impulse.

PEMF is a benefit for mankind from infant to geriatric, and will lead to a change in the paradigm of medicine."
~ Dr. Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize Winner

The Swiss Bionic Difference

There are many PEMF products coming onto the market, and when you start researching which one would be best for you it can be confusing.  It is great to know what to look for as you do your research so below is information that will help.  A low frequency PEMF device can be identified by the following properties:

  • Applicator Design (coil properties, coil layout, correlating physical effects, field exposure)
  • Applied waveforms (Sine Wave, Square Wave, Sawtooth, etc.)
  • Applied Field Intensities ~ Amplitude (unit Gauss or Tesla)
  • Applied Frequency Spectrum (summary of all exposed single frequencies depending on the applied waveform)
  • Resonance Properties (ability of the living organism to "respond" to the receiving information)
  • Integrated additional features (Bio Rhythm preferences = Organ clock, pole shift of the applied magnetic field, pre-programmed application settings, accompanying applications, etc.)

There is an in depth education guide published February 2018 by Swiss Bionic Solutions you can find access to here on the "HOME" page.


I had heard it said that PEMF Therapy helped with "Injuries Before and After".  I could understand "after" but did not understand how it could help "before" an injury.  The video below describes my experience and how I found out: 

Wolfgang Jaksch, Founder and CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions and creator of the iMRS and Omnium1 Systems is one of the leading global pioneers in the holistic application of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for human beings, animals and even plants!  Over 20 years of hard work, unprecedented passion and overcoming many obstacles, Swiss Bionic Solutions has branded itself and PEMF into a very successful, global movement.

Goldie's Omnium1 Website for ordering your PEMF mat system: