PEMF Benefits Before and After Knee Surgery
with Swiss Bionic Omnium1 OmniMat, OmniPad and OmniSpot
Email Saturday, June 30, 2018 from Valerie:

Diana, my surgery went well on Wednesday and they booted me out on Friday morning so am now home rehabbing a very stiff knee joint. The Omnium1 system has been absolutely invaluable throughout.
* I used the mat, pad and spot regularly in the hospital even throughout the night any time I happened to wake enough to remember to turn it on.
* I used the mat in the morning & afternoon on 100 for 30 minutes, then at night on the Sleep cycle just before turning in.
* I used both the Pad & the Spot on 400 for 30 minutes after all exercises and strolls in the walker as well as throughout the night.

I’ve continued with that pattern since home and other than the first night when I had vertigo and nausea from the Spinal anaestheic and pain from a physio session, my pain has been minimal to nil. I’m sleeping soundly as well so that too helps with the healing. I am fairly mobile with the walker or one crutch. |

Not bad for day 3 post op. Thought you may appreciate knowing my results before your next info session. Will look forward to a tea and a visit soon.